Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Perspective ~ Summer 78

Life to Death

Time is wasted,
things are abused,
lives are destroyed;

Time doesn't matter,
things are unimportant,
life is meaningless;

Time does matter,
people hold importance,
life has meaning;

No matter ~
all ends in death.

Looking at this scribbing astonishes me. If anyone had seen the way I described life, bells would have gone off. Surely there would have been recognition that something was terribly wrong here. But no one saw it. It went unshared until now. Looks pretty morbid to me.
I admit now, how unaware I was myself until that first meeting with Jim during my hospital stay. Jim visited to make sure I followed certain guidelines, but my past dictated something altogether different. And that's what Jim was told.

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  1. These penned thoughts have been skulking around the edges of my memory... needing to be shared to reinforce 'pay attention to your kids and what they are doing'. Being interested in what they are about is IMPORTANT to know who they are and who they are becoming.