Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Opening The Box ~ State by State

The footsteps I am taking today feel familiar because I have done this before.  The difference is I am doing my own research this time.  State by state, ticking off each on the list as I investigate the statute of limitations for survivors of child abuse.  How long does a survivor have to file charges against their perpetrator?  
How many states have updated these laws since 1996?  Isn't that the bigger question that I want an answer to?  Yes, I believe it is.  I remember seeing the list of 1996 in one of the boxes I've opened.  
Note to self: find that list.
Hooray for Maine - there is no statute of limitations for survivors of child abuse to file against their abuser(s).  There are several stipulations regarding proof of the abuse, but other than that, sounds pretty good right.  We'll dig a little deeper in the next couple of days. BTW, this is the only state that currently purports NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS on child sexual abuse.  This is 2012 for goodness sack.  What is wrong with this picture?  
New Jersey appears to be the eleventh state to address no statute of limitations for survivors of child sexual abuse.  On June 4th, 2012 New Jersey's legislature received a bill which supports an unlimited statute in this year's legislative session as FACSA indicates in an article dated June 14th, 2012.  The law looking to be passed abolishes the current 2 year limit for civil actions in this state.  
So, I think now is the time to make the distinction between these two states and the statutes that are provided to assist survivors of child sexual abuse.  
Bear with me while I continue to open more boxes, a quick refresher so to speak. I need to have a better understanding of the basic principles when comparing laws from state to state, right?  Oh, did you catch that, from state to state.  Yes, that is what I said.   
Depending on where a predator lives determines the extent to which they can be prosecuted  Hmmmm.  I agree with the FACSA when  they quoted Marci Hamilton, a law professor of Yeshiva University.  She stated the current New Jersey law protects predators.  AND, I think I can honestly say any state that places any limit on the statute of limitations for survivors of child sexual abuse are protecting predators.  
My hope is that each reader sees between the lines to where this blog is going. 
I want to ask for your support to help me raise awareness about child sexual abuse and change the state to state variations that prohibit survivors from finding relief and closure for their most horrific traumas.  
If you would like to help support my current state advocacy campaign, or go ahead and sign up in support of helping child abuse survivors for when I approach your state legislature, I would be most grateful.
More on my journey to the TN state legislature to come.  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Opening the Box ~ On Anger

The reason for the thing I am doing here: to share the details of the work required of me to help me heal.   The contents of these journals are recorded impressions of my thoughts during many psycho-therapeutic sessions that make up the course for my healing from repeated sexual battery and aggravated rape.  
These notes are from my 1st year anniversary date that shares the beginning of psychotherapy.
I feel you are getting impatient with me is written to my psychiatrist.  There are things I just do not want to believe and you tell me over and over again that I should not take all this on.  
You said, "Your mother has a problem with relationships in general."  
I don't get it, I comment.  
You stated, "you can take it personally if you want, but I'm telling you, she has a problem in general with relationships".
Go ahead, smack me up side the head with a two by four.  Sometimes I guess you need to, to get my attention, huh?
As I told you, which was a surprise to even myself, this intimidated me causing fear and anger.  You and I are working out my anger and frustration instead of where is needs to be vented - with my mother.
Intimidation, I discover, which stems from my misunderstanding something we talk about.  I feel as if it takes forever for me to grasp the concept, an understanding per se. 
So you think I am angry with you? The feelings of fleeting suicidal thoughts are what signal the anger within.  Interesting how an association between an emotion of extreme anger to an internalized damaging self-infliction is learned, i.e. turning that anger back on self.  

END GAME: Become aware, as early as possible, that learned suppression of anger may result in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self-destruction.  A learned behavior can be reversed / corrected once the behavior moves from the subconscious to the conscious where it can be studied and controlled.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

San Antonio - Stepping Up

A big round of applause goes to the San Antonio, Texas community - physically getting the message out about how to volunteer to speak for abused children.  
I was quite impressed when I saw the banner above veiled over the road I was traveling at some point driving around the blocks surrounding my hotel suite this week in search of a grocery store and a Walgreen's.   I did not have enough time to grab my camera from my bag to get the shot the first time passing underneath it.  I knew I had to get back to the same side of the banner to get the picture, so I planned my return trip and stopped to capture this proud moment. 
Texas is among the few states that has no statute of limitations for survivors of child abuse to file against their abuser.  I'd like to see this legislative example from the State of Texas be applied to every state in the United States of America - an addendum to the Child Protection Act that enacts no statute of limitations. There is no reason not to be consistent across the nation when it comes to protecting the survivors.  The effects of abuse last a life time ~ shouldn't the perpetrator have to succumb to a life long sentence as well?  The victim should have an opportunity to file charges against their attacker upon discovering the truth about the trauma and the impact on their own life no matter the age of the victim.
I challenge other cities with organizations that support abused children to get out and put some banners up like SAN ANTONIO!  Please post the banners you see in a response to this page.  
If you live in the San Antonio, Texas area and would like to help abused children, call 210-225-7070 or visit like the sign above says.