Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Scarlet Letter ~ Always a Smile

4/28/2012 ~ "RT @heyitsdiamond: RT: @Google_Facts: The people who laugh the most have experienced the most pain."   

I was raised with a statistic that it takes 42 more muscles to frown than it does to smile.  So,  why not smile? Smiling was intended to help keep me younger looking in future years when vanity might overtake my desire to age gracefully.  This is just a tidbit of many things my mother shared with me during memorable years.  Staying out of the sun was another tidbit to maintain youthfulness in years ahead.  She was NOT wrong about that one.  I trusted the things she'd share and grew to abide by the tips that would take me far.  

So, I've smiled for years and like  tweeted tonight "It only takes one smile... to hide a million tears" ~ I covered up infinitesimal droplets of pain and sadness.  To me, a smile became my mask for pain. Comedian, clown, joke-teller too, all these characters were part of the masquerade to disguise what was happening to me.

Sometimes I resented my mom because she was so busy and couldn't see what was happening to me.  How could she not see it or sense it?  Or did she?   I believe she sensed it and that is what drove her to do what she did to find out the truth ~ 
another thought for another post including my question about why she smiled all the time too.

11/02/2012 "@thangel77 I'm glad you like the pic. I want to let you smile" came today in a tweet from a new found friend.  My smile is true today. I wear it proudly now and understand the connection between happiness and smiling to express that feeling.  A perfect match ~ quite a physical display of elation for me these days.  Having happy days and smiling ear to ear, as I enjoy each moment, seems to be harmony allowing me some peace.