Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Society's Quicksand ~ Welcome to Stupidville?

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard the news regarding the Steubenville Ohio rape case verdict of 'GUILTY' was elation, for a NANO-second. I continued to read the tweet via Change.org, "Until CNN Apologizes to the Steubenville Rape Victim, Change the Channel" by former OH Congresswoman : via .  I clicked and read the article by Huffington Post and the clip is point on.  And if you have not had a chance to read this story, may I suggest that everyone do.
I was catapulted to one thought and only one. I was consumed with rage and realized I better step away from the keyboard.  So, I did.  
I moved to a safe place so that I could focus solely on resolving my angry fury.  To my garden, where I pulled weeds making sure to get every root.  The physical act of pulling weeds allows me to extract emotions buried deep in the core of my being.  Emotions that spike when I am triggered.  I am stronger now, but still impacted years after my abuse ceased.  This is the life of an incest survivor living with PTSD and major depression.  
I am no longer stupefied by society. I am, however, pretty damn tired (wanted to put fucking tired) of hearing daily that society's rape culture is fine with our country's citizens. This is not OK with me.  The article is a petition requesting the news media giant to apologize for an interview done earlier today, Tuesday, March 19th, 2013.  
The news media giant aired a news story where two female news reporters step toward the side of not one, but two convicted criminals of a brutal crime.  In my opinion, Candy Crowley and Poppy Harlow engaged in conduct unbecoming a citizen.   Instead of voicing concern for a young lady whose life has been scarred forever, their conversation focused on the distress of the two convicts masquerading as fine, upstanding football players.  Role models for younger boys received sympathy for the criminal acts they committed.  The traumatized victim is disregarded and seemingly chastised. The  heinous acts were caught on tape which more than suffices for the evidence required by a victim of violence just to file charges.  Are you kidding me?  
Minimalism of another documented case of rape portrays the victim as a destroyer of lives.  Isn't that what these sports players are?  Destroyers of the victim's potential.  Murderers of this young woman's innocence.  And our society is accepting of that behavior.  
I believe the tipping point is fast approaching for society's rape culture perception to change in our country.  Social media is giving few survivors the chance to tell their story and be heard.  We need to continue to speak up and out and say, "NO MORE".  Scream "NO MORE" if we have to.  I can no longer be silent and imprisoned by the memories that stole my fullest potential.  The time spent healing takes years, and I am still paralyzed in thought when triggered by events like today.  
This acceptance exhibited by society HAS TO CHANGE.  Please stand with me and let's GET THE LID OFF this atrocity that is destroying our country and its future.