Saturday, July 20, 2013

What It Took ~ Never Stop Trying

I wanted to stop trying so many times.  From the appearance of one coping mechanism after another, a person would have to be blind not to see there was some underlying issue that I was trying to cover up.  I understand addictions are translated to 'coping mechanisms' for me.  I understand from travelling down the addict's path that self-destruction is an attempt to stop everything, not just trying.  What I acknowledge now is that I survived.  The addictions only part of my story.  Nobody asked the real question 'what is going on?'  I was so used to things being the way they were. I didn't know I was being self-destructive.  I just thought, this is how life was for me.
Today, my mind recalls these thoughts.  I have to work, to eat.  There's no way around that. I am not independently wealthy.  Anything extra takes tremendous effort and energy, only because 40 hours a week takes a lot of wind out of my sails.  If I am depressed or anxious, focusing becomes a great hardship.  Occasionally, I ask myself if this is all worth doing. I am fearless in pushing a tiny step forward when I can.  The thing is, I keep moving toward the goal.
I wrote to the Health and Education committee for some assistance with my goal.  Much to my surprise, what followed is a conference call with a member on staff.  He requested some information and I have submitted documents in part.  I talked to Bill this week and shared that I felt if I completed the task, somehow I would be disappointed in the outcome. First thing he said, 'wow, what you wrote must have been suitably articulated and resonated with the audience.'  I blinked, astonished at his response.  He continued to insight where the reader recognized that my goal is not shallow, but rather a heart-felt issue.  Unbelievable and so far from my expectations, I find impossibility in the thought this it truly happening.  My skepticism is okay, he added.  It's not about failing.  It's about that I tried. I didn't let the possibility of failing crush me as I realized, even if I don't hear from the Senate HELP committee again, getting the information together for anytime is what I need to do.  
Onward and upward! 
Synchronously, this popped from my timeline via twitter today ~ I don't want words, I want actions! I shall lend you my pen... Go on, I know you are brave enough to change things!  #AForceToBeReckonedWith  
An inkling to lower my aspirations is aborted and fierce determination overcomes.  The take away will be different.  Not trying is the losing move.

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