Saturday, July 1, 2017

What It Took ~ My Doberman

Every daughter, at some point, probably needs a doberman, a breed that viciously guards and vehemently protects their master.  Whether it be a brother, or mother, or father, anyone, really, can be a doberman for the weak and helpless. I had hit bottom and found my doberman in the yellow pages. What no one would see coming is the determined lawyer that had come full circle in my life to help now.
This man was destined to be my doberman.  He provided much support to my mother during the worst of all this mess.  He didn't however provide support to me then.  It was a no win for all involved, but that is explored in other posts.

I believe that is why he stepped in as my doberman the second time our paths crossed.

His rules:
  Never see me in or near a bar.
  Never tell me if you did it or not.
  Never, ever lie to me
OR I will fire myself.

He made sure every fiber of my being understood I could not be anywhere near alcohol. I saw him as my last chance.

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